Metz Builders

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A Builder You Can Trust
Developing a plan, completing specifications, and designing or remodeling your home can be an intimidating and frustrating project. The builder can assume great responsibilities in ensuring your home is made to your expectations. This requires a trust between the customer and the builder. Metz Builders takes this responsibility very seriously.


Mark Metz, President and Owner of Metz Builders, Inc. has 26 years of experience in building construction. He has completed approximately 100 new homes in the Central Pennsylvania area, and completed hundreds of remodeling projects. He has an Associates degree in Building Construction, plus 5 years experience as a building inspector.


Most of the work on your home will be done by employees of Metz Builders. Outside sub-contractors are rarely used. Everyone working on your home has proven to be dependable and consistent. All Metz Builders employees are insured professionals.


Computerized Plans
Finding the perfect plan for you home is an important first step. Metz Builders uses a computer aided drafting system which allows us to develop a custom home for you in less time. We are able to produce floor plans and 3-D elevations that will help you visualize your project before we even start construction. More importantly, changes can be made easily, so we can experiment with the perfect plan for your dream home.


Commercial Property
Metz Builders, Inc., has a varied background in commercial building as well. We have completed projects ranging from small storefront remodels to a recently completed 17-unit assisted care nursing home containing 15,000 sq.ft with a cost of over $750,000. Our projects have included church remodeling, professional offices, and others.


With the adoption of the new International Residential Building Code now in affect and mandatory compliance complete by August of 2004, the experience of a builder will be more important than ever.

This code consists of over 500 pages of mandatory requirement that all residential construction projects must meet, regardless of where they will be built in Pennsylvania. METZ BUILDERS INC. has built several houses in the City of Altoona and Richland Township. Where codes have been in place for years. Mark Metz has also attended several seminars on the code and worked for 5 years as a Code Inspection Officer for the Redevelopment Authority of Huntington County. The new code will force new and sweeping changes on how a new home is permitted, built and inspected.